Preserve Node Panel

Use the Preserve Node panel to review free, temporary, and preserved nodes, convert free and temporary nodes into preserved nodes, convert free and temporary nodes into preserved nodes, and remove preserved nodes.

Location: Analysis page

Unused free nodes in a model that you would like to keep for future use are called preserved nodes. When a free node is not referenced by any of the entities in your model, unused nodes are automatically deleted. You can save a free node that you are not currently using by converting it into a temporary node, but HyperLife Weld Certification will only continue to save these free nodes as long as they are marked as a temporary node. To guarantee that a free or temporary node will be saved in your model once you create them, you must convert them into a preserved node.

Panel Options

Option Action
nodes selector select the node(s) to convert into temporary or preserve nodes.
# of preserved nodes Displays the total number of preserved nodes found in your model.

Command Buttons

Button Action
make temp Convert the selected preserved or free nodes into temporary nodes.
make preserved Convert the selected temporary or free nodes into preserved nodes.
clear preserved Remove only the selected preserved nodes from your model.
clear all preserved Remove all of the preserved nodes from your model.
reject Revert the most recent action you performed.
return Exit to the previous panel.