Comments provide a convenient way to add lines of text in the solver deck, which are considered as commented lines by the solver.

A Comment can be linked to any entity to define specific comments. In that case, the Comment is automatically written just before the referenced entity in the exported solver deck.

When a Comment is linked to an entity, it is written in the include file where the referenced entity is defined.

A Comment is Unused if it does not have any referenced entity.

A Comment is Empty when it does not have any defined text.


A Comment can only be added to the top of the solver deck main file after template comments and in include files at the top. In the Abaqus profile, comments do not have any referenced entity. There is no solver card associated with the entity for Abaqus.

  1. Any number of comments can be present in a deck.
  2. There is no restriction on the number of lines within a comment.
  3. For a comment to be read in a HyperMesh session, it needs to follow the rules below:
    1. Start with **HM_USERCOMMENT_START, NAME=<name>, ID=<integer>
    2. End with **HM_USERCOMMENT_END
    3. The lines in between are read to the HyperMesh session.
    4. When the lines are read, any additional character in the deck after “**” is read as a part of that comment line.
  4. The Comment entity is available in the search tool.
  5. Comments are written to the exported files in the ID order.




Card Description
CDATA / CDATA block is a super user comment block of input file.