Fill Holes

The Fill Hole function fills in one or more holes in your geometry with automatically-generated mesh.

Note: This macro does not remove any rigid spiders that currently fill the hole; if necessary, delete the rigid spider before using this macro.
  1. From the Utility Browser, Geom/Mesh menu, click Fill Hole.
    The Filling holes with mesh dialog opens.
  2. Choose a method for filling holes.
    Option Description
    Manual Use this option to select the holes that you wish to fill:
    1. Click Select Nodes. The panel area is once again displayed with a nodes selector active.
    2. Select nodes on the edges of the holes that you wish to fill.
    3. Click proceed in the panel area. The Filling holes with mesh dialog returns. The Select Nodes button is now green to indicate that nodes have been chosen.
    4. Click Fill to fill the selected holes with mesh.
    Automatic Use this option to select holes automatically based on size. Type a value into the entry field labeled Fill circular holes with radius smaller than. The model is automatically scanned for holes smaller than this value, and attempt to fill them with mesh.
  3. Click Fill.
    If you do not like the results of the last fill operation, click Reject to undo it.
    Note: This only undoes a single click of the fill button, so it can only undo multiple fills if they were created simultaneously during a single fill operation.