Message Log Window

The Message Log window, located at the bottom of HyperStudy, logs warnings and errors encountered while you are conducting your investigation.

Note: Messages which are of type Error are always enabled and displayed in the Message Log window. If the Message Log window has been minimized and HyperStudy an error, it will be maximized to alert you of the condition.

Figure 1.

Message Log Window Settings

Message Log window settings can be accessed from the context menu that opens by right-clicking in the Message Log window.
Copy content from the Message Log window, which can then be pasted into another file for your records.
Select All
Select all of the content in the Message Log window.
Clear All
Clear all of the content in the Message Log window.
Show Timestamps
Display the time a message is logged.
Show All
Display of Warning, Info and Verbose class messages, if any or all of these message types have been disabled.
500 Messages
Specify the maximum number of messages to display in the Message Log window at any one time.
Note: This feature is useful in limiting the amount of memory the Message Log window uses during the session.
Show Warning
Enable or disable the display of warning messages.
Show Info
Enable or disable the display of information messages.
Show Verbose
Enable or disable the display of verbose messages.
Select the level of detail to log for verbose messages.
Levels range from zero meaning do not show Verbose to three meaning show as much detail as possible.
Log to File
Display messages in the Message Log window, and log messages in a separate file.
Open the log file or change the file path of the log file.
Display summary information about the current session and message log status.
For example:
  • Time current
  • Time elapsed
  • Location of log files in the current HyperStudy session