Export/Save Results

The FBD summary table dialog includes options that allow you to export the plot as a .csv file (which can be loaded into traditional spreadsheet software packages) or save it to an .fbd file (to be imported into HyperGraph).
  1. From the FBD tab, click the Summary sub-tab.
    The FBD summary table dialog is displayed.
  2. From the FBD summary table dialog, click the Save as drop-down menu and select one of the following options.
    • Save as .csv - creates or saves a .csv file containing the same information as the summary table, but in a comma separated file.
    • Save as .fbd - creates or saves an .fbd file that can be read into HyperGraph.
    1. Use the Export CSV file or Export FBD file dialog to create a new file or select an existing file.
      Note: If an existing file is selected, you will be asked if you wish to replace the existing file.
    Two utilities available within HyperGraph interact with data generated from the FBD utility: Shear and Moment Plot (VMT Plots) and Potato Plot. These utilities are accessed from the Free Body Diagrams item within the HyperGraph Utilities menu.