Manage Section Definitions

The Section table/list lets you specify the sections from which you wish to calculate resultant force and moment results for each selected loadstep.
  1. Sort the sections in the Section table/list by clicking on the heading of each column. For example, click the Label heading to sort alphabetically by name.
    Tip: Repeated clicks on the column heading will toggle between ascending and descending order.
    The section table/list contains the following headers and column information:
    The label for the section.
    Sum point
    The selected summation node about which the grid point data is being summed.
    The specified coordinate system into which the grid point vector results are being transformed and output
    Activate this check box to highlight the currently selected element/node section, summation point, and result system in the modeling window. This allows you to verify a section definition.
    Select/change the review color of the section using the color box and palette.
  2. Select a section, or multiple sections, from the Section table/list.
    Note: Multiple sections can be selected in the table/list using the standard CTRL/SHIFT+click functionality.
    Tip: You can use the All, None, Reverse buttons to quickly select/deselect sections in the Section table/list.
  3. Define or modify the selected section(s).