Creating New Datatypes

This section presents use cases with examples to further illustrate the XML syntax and to introduce additional concepts and features supported by Result Math.
  • Normalized stress - This example demonstrates table references to external resources. Two data types are created: “Normalized vonMises” and “Yield”.
  • Layers - This example demonstrates creation of a single layer data type from a multi-layer data type.
  • Plugins - Brittle and Ductile failure theories are examined which require record-based control flow and conditional logic.
  • Expressions - Expression syntax allows a complex sequence of operations to be reused in multiple data types.
  • Transformations and Model Organization - This example illustrates coordinate and system transformations, as well as the effect of choosing an input deck or result as the source of model data, and the impact of overriding model organization in HyperView.
  • Composite Failure Indices and Margin of Safety - This example demonstrates calculation of ply failure using the composites library, along with some custom expressions that calculate the margin of safety.

The examples may not contain complete XML files in order to reduce content that does not aid in demonstrating the concepts being introduced. Full Example files, including the models shown, are included separately.