Result Math Templates

Various Result Math templates are available whenever a model/result pair is loaded into HyperView.

A Standard result math template file is also loaded by default, however you can disable the Result Math module or select a template file that suits a particular vertical (NVH for example) using the Result Math template drop-down menu (located in the Load Model panel).

Figure 1. Load Model panel - Result Math template option

The Standard result math template will not add any new data types or expressions, and it will also not instrument any model tables. Other result math templates may add new expressions and/or data types to the model/result, as well as access to model tables.

The table below provides a brief description of each Result Math template and the libraries that are included:
Template Description Libraries
None Disables the result math capabilities when a model/result is loaded and this option is selected. –––––
Advanced The result math template for advanced use cases. Math Library

Model Library

Plug-in Library

Composite The result math template for composite use cases.
Note: This template will be enhanced in future versions.
Math Library

Model Library

Composites Library

Plug-in Library

NVH The result math template file for NVH use cases. Math Library

Model Library

Plug-in Library

NVH Library

Standard The result math template file for general use cases (non-advanced).
Note: This option is enabled by default.
Math Library only

New templates can be added to the result math template drop-down menu by adding a *RegisterResultMathTemplate command in the preference file.

A Result Math template file follows the same basic syntax as that of a normal XML file, with the exception that two variables will be added to receive the contents of the Load Model panel:
  • @HV_MODEL - is replaced with the selected model file.
  • @HV_RESULT - is replaced with the selected result file.
These two variables can be used with resource XML commands as follows:
<resource id="model" path="@HV_MODEL" tables="preload" /> 
<resource id="result" />

If you have a working Result Module XML command file, the only change necessary to convert it into a template is to update model and result resources to use the @HV_MODEL and @HV_RESULT variables.