Define a Set

You can create as many sets/groups as you want, and the same entity can exist in multiple sets. All component/part (only) set types that are created will be displayed in the entity list tree in the Entity Attributes panel and in the Results Browser (click the Sets drop-down menu to view the groups and their components).

  1. From the Visualization toolbar, click Sets .
  2. From the Set panel, click Add.
    A set/group is added to the bottom of the Sets list.
    Note: By default, the newly added set is automatically labeled given a name and is assigned the entity type currently selected on the input collector.
  3. With the new set highlighted, change the input collector to the type of entity you want to add to the set.
    When a different type of set (group) is selected from the Sets list, the entity type shown on the Selection input collector is updated to correspond with the new set type that was chosen. Conversely, if the input collector type is changed, the set type of the highlighted group will be converted to the new set type that was chosen. For example, if the input collector of a component group is switched from Components to Nodes, all the nodes of the original components become the entities of the set. The set type is automatically updated, based on the entity type that is selected using the Selection input collector.
  4. Select entities using the input collector or pick directly from the screen.
  5. Under Action, turn on the Add option.
    Click Add or Remove to toggle the Add to Set/Remove from Set button between the two available options.
  6. Click Add to Set.
    The selected entities are added to the set and the number of entities in the set is listed for reference.

    Figure 1.
  7. Optional: Remove select entities from the set.
    1. Under Action, turn on the Remove option.
    2. Select the entities that you want to remove.
    3. Click Remove from Set.
  8. Optional: Redefine the entire set by clicking Clear.
    All of the selected entities of the active set are cleared.
    Note: Repeat the steps above to select new entities for the set.