Export a Set

In order to import sets in any format, you must first load a model.
  1. From the Visualization toolbar, click Sets .
  2. From the Set panel, select a set/group.
  3. Click Export.
    Note: You can also access the Export Sets dialog by selecting the Export > Sets option from the Tools menu.
    The Export Sets dialog is displayed.

    Figure 1.
  4. Select a file type (HyperView set definition file, Patran session file, Nastran set file, or OptiStruct set file) from the Select format drop-down menu.
  5. Under File name, click the open folder icon and select a destination folder.
  6. Enter a file name and click Save.
  7. Optional: Activate the Export selected sets option to export only selected sets in the panel.
  8. Click OK in the Export Sets dialog.
    The exported file is saved as a text file.
    Note: When exporting, HyperView will automatically export the ID ranges contained in the set instead of writing out the individual IDs.
This file can then be imported, by clicking Import in the Set panel.