Platform Support

Platforms, operating systems, and processors supported by Altair Simulation 2022.1 products, which includes 2022.1 solver packages.

Platforms Altair Simulation 2022.1
OS Version Architecture GUI Products Solvers
Windows 10 x86_64 YES YES
Linux RHEL / Oracle Linux 8.3


x86_64 YES YES
  • Windows Ultra High Definition (UHD/HiDPI) support requires Windows 10 Update 1709 or higher
  • RHEL= Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SLES = SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Altair Simulation products may install and run on other non-supported Linux distributions not mentioned or referred to in this documentation, but Altair does not test, certify, verify or warrant the reliability of the products on these platforms.
  • Altair™ products are tested on Gnome Desktop Manager (GDM)
  • Xen kernels are currently not supported kernels for Altair Simulation products
  • VirtualGL and other third-party remote visualization tools are not officially supported by Altair Simulation products
Ultra High Definition (UHD)
  • UHD resolution support (2160p) is only available for Windows 10 (1709 or higher).
    • Using Windows 200% scaling for 2160p is recommended.
  • Our recommended HD setting is 1080p for FHD and our Ultra HD setting is 2160p.
  • Java based tools within our products may still show some scaling issues under Ultra HD resolution.

Refer to the Hardware Recommendations and Certifications section for details.