/ANIM/CUT/1 (Obsolete)

Engine Keyword Defines a section cut on a deformed geometry.




x0, y0, and z0 nx, ny, and nz V


Field Contents SI Unit Example
Name Name of the section cut  
x0, y0, and z0 Coordinates of a reference point  
nx, ny, and nz Normal vector  
V Velocity  


  1. A plane cut is defined in the deformed geometry by the coordinates of a reference point (x0, y0, and z0) and a normal vector (nx, ny, and nz). The plane cut moves along the normal vector with velocity V.
  2. When using the mass option /ANIM/MASS, the balance displayed in the post-processing is the volumetric flux.
  3. This keyword is not available for SPMD version.