/VEL/ALE (Obsolete)

Engine Keyword With ALE links on grid velocities, given nodes are linked to the given main grid velocities. You can specify direction or a combination of directions.



M1 , M2

ID1 , ..., IDn


Field Contents SI Unit Example
Keyword3 A combination of X, Y, and Z:

X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ, YX, ZX, ZY, XYZ, YXZ, . . .

Option Formulation flag (Integer)

= 0 (linear):

W N 1 = W M 1 + ( W M2 W M 1 ) 1 N + 1

= 1 (maximum):

WN1 = WM1 if |WM1| > |WM2|

WN1 = WM2 if |WM1| < |WM2|

= -1 (minimum):

WN1 = WM1 if |WM1| < |WM2|

WN1 = WM2 if |WM1| > |WM2|

Keyword5 «GRNOD» or «NODES» defines the way of providing secondary nodes  
M1 First mainr node number  
M2 Second main node number  
IDi Secondary nodes identifiers or node group identifier (depending on Keyword5). 2  


  1. This card is obsolete. It is replaced by /ALE/LINK/VEL.
  2. Using Keyword5GRNOD» requires a single identifier ID1.
  3. Using formulation Iform=0 requires an ordered node list. Using Iform=0 with Keyword5GRNOD» also requires an unsortable node group (/GRNOD/NODENS).