Engine Keyword Generate H3D contour output results for /TRUSS truss elements.



#optional next line(s) that lists the parts to save results for.

part_ID1 ... part_IDN


# von-Mises stress
# Specific energy density results for only parts IDs 356 and 293.
356 293


Field Contents SI Unit Example
Keyword3 Output types. 3  
part_IDN Optional list of part IDs for which results will be output.  


  1. The syntax /H3D/ELEM/Keyword3 is also valid.
  2. When PART IDs are listed after the /H3D/TRUSS line the specified results will only be output for those parts.
  3. The scalar output is defined below.
    Table 1. Scalar Output
    Keyword3 Description
    AMS Elements using AMS timestep due to /DT/CST_AMS.
    DT Element timestep.
    ENER Specific energy density (internal energy divided by the element mass).
    EPSP Plastic strain.
    F1 Force in local coordinate system.
    Force in X direction
    FORC All forces and moments in local coordinate system.

    F1, F2, F3, M11, M21, M31, M12, M22, M32

    MASS Element mass.
    OFF Element status.
    Where the result output is:
    = -1
    Element is not active (it is defined in an activated rigid body).
    = 0
    Deleted element.
    Between 0 and 1
    Under failure process.
    = 1
    Active element.
    SIGX Stress in specified direction.
    VONM von Mises stress.
    Table 2. Tensor Output
    Keyword3 Keyword4 Description
    TENS STRAIN Strain tensor (global)
    STRESS Stress tensor (global)