Engine Keyword Writes the H3D results file at specified output frequency.



Tstart Tfreq


# start writing the h3d file at t=0.0 and create results every t=0.005
0.0 .005
# node velocity vectors
# shell stress tensor for all integration points
# shell plastic strain results at upper and lower integration points
# Equivalent strain rate for all elements
# Solid element stress tensor.  Mean value if element has multiple integration points.
# compress results with max change of 0.01%


Field Contents SI Unit Example
Tstart Start time to begin writing the H3D file.  
Tfreq Time frequency at which result data is writtent o the H3D file  


  1. The h3d file name is Runname.h3d, where Runname is the Run Name (/RUN)
  2. To define which results are saved in the h3d file see the /H3D/Element help options.
  3. It is possible to save only certain parts to the h3d file using the /H3D/PART option.
  4. The size of the h3d can be greatly reduced by using /H3D/COMPRESS.