Other Modeling Guidelines


Sol2SPH is not compatible with SPHBCS and inlet/outlet options.

Mesh Sizes and Other SPH Parts

All SPH and Sol2SPH parts should have the same pitch.

As Sol2SPH particle configuration is cubic, SPH parts should be also use a cubic net.


Using /DT/BRICK/DEL is the most CPU efficient way of using Sol2SPH.

The minimum time step should be around 20-30% less than the natural time step.

It is recommended to use nodal time step for better SPH particles stability.

After the deletion of a brick, the time step may be as low as:(1)
Δ t = Δ T min N d i r
Δ T min
Deletion brick time step as defined in /DT/BRICK/DEL
N d i r
Number of created particle per direction