Engine Keyword Rewrites a Restart R-File.





Field Contents SI Unit Example
n (Optional) Number of restart files to be written before overwriting of the restart files begins.  
Ncycle Cycle frequency to write R-file.

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

Default = 1e6 Maximum value = 2.1e9



  1. If n is not defined then only 1 set of restart files is created and overwritten every Ncycle cycles. The name of the restart files is ROOT_i_CPU.rst where, ROOT is the rootname of the run, i is Engine run number and CPU is MPI domain number.
  2. If n is defined then n sets of restart files are written before they are cyclically overwritten. To see which restart file was created last, review the Engine output file.
  3. The name of written restart is ROOT_i_CPU_I.rst, ROOT_i_CPU_J.rst.

    Where, i is the Run number.

    Example: if n=3, the first restart written is ROOT_i_CPU_I.rst, the second is ROOT_i_CPU_J.rst, the third is ROOT_i_CPU_K.rst, then ROOT_i_CPU_I.rst is overwritten.

  4. Consequently, with /RFILE/n, it is necessary to use: the /RUN option /RUN/Run Name/Restart Letter.
  5. Only Binary IEEE 64-bit format is used for the R-file.