RD-E: 4600 TNT Cylinder Expansion Test

An experimental test used to characterize the adiabatic expansion of detonation products. It allows JWL EOS parameters to be determined.

It consists of a copper cylinder filled with an explosive (TNT). Detonation is initiated at the bottom of the explosive with a planar detonation wave. It propagates along the cylinder axis and radial expansion of the copper cylinder is measured at a given point of external surface.

Figure 1.
In order to simulate this test, models are created with the following details:
  • Axisymmetric mesh of a cylinder with four node quad elements (for Lagrangian Approach)
  • 3D mesh of a quarter-cylinder with eight node brick elements (for Eulerian Approach)
  • Jones-Wilkins-Lee Equation-of-State for TNT detonation products (/MAT/JWL)
  • Hydrodynamic Johnson-Cook material law for the copper cylinder (/MAT/HYD_JCOOK)
  • Multi-Material, Fluid and Explosive material law (/MAT/LAW51)

The simulation results are then compared to the experiment data.