Submit a Job by Selecting a Solver

Submit a job by selecting a solver or a profile from the application.

  1. Double-click the Access Desktop icon from the system tray.

    The Access Desktop application is displayed.

  2. Click New Job.

    Figure 1. Submit a New Job
    A list of solvers and saved profiles is displayed.
  3. Choose a solver or a saved profile from the list by double-clicking it.
    A job submission form is displayed containing the required solver arguments.
    Tip: To display all available solver arguments, click All Fields.

    Figure 2. Job Submission Form Example
  4. Fill in any required solver arguments.

    To reuse the values you entered, click Save as Profile. The next time you choose Process With from the context menu, the saved profile is displayed.

  5. Click Submit.

    The job is submitted and a notification is displayed providing the status of the job.

    Tip: If the file is taking too long to upload or if you provided a wrong input file for the job, then you can cancel the file upload by clicking associated with the job and click Remove from the context menu.
A folder is created in the job output directory. It is named based on the job name and job submission time. Job result files are written to this folder. While the job is running results files are maintained on the remote PAS server. These files can be displayed by viewing the contents of the Running Folder tab. Once the job completes, the job results files are written to the Output tab.
A job is submitted using an input file with the name "file_name" on yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss. The folder that is created is named file_name_yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss.