Execute an Action on the Job

Perform actions on the jobs.

Following are the prerequisites for performing job actions:
  • Administrator has to configure job actions in JSON format for the registered PAS server.
  • The configured JSON format job action script has to be placed at: PA_HOME/config/pa/

An action is similar to an application action, without being specific to an application or a job state. However, an action is specific to a server, is available for any job and which can be executed for a job.

In this example, an action, Qstat of Job, has been defined for this server, therefore when you click Actions, the option Qstat of Job will be available.

  1. Click the Jobs tab located in the upper left-hand of the page.
    The Job Monitoring view is displayed containing a list of the jobs that have been submitted.
  2. Select a job from the list and click Actions.

    Job Action
    Figure 1. Job Action
  3. Click Qstat of Job from the list.

    Job Action List
    Figure 2. Job Action List
    Action Menu Input Dialog Box is displayed with the output directory of the job that is selected.
    Note: The Action Menu Input Dialog Box will not be displayed if the generic action script does not require any input from the user. The generic action will be performed on the job and the output will be displayed.
    Note: If you had selected multiple jobs, then the output directory will be blank.

    Action Menu Input Dialog Box
    Figure 3. Action Menu Input Dialog Box
  4. Enter the working directory.
  5. Click Run
    The action list performed on the Job will be displayed.

    Job Action Display
    Figure 4. Job Action Display
  6. Perform one of the following options:
    • Click Close to go back to Job Monitoring list.
    • Click Back to go back to Action List menu to perform an action.