Create an Animation from the Job Summary Tab

You can generate animations from the Job Summary tab in the Plot viewer.

From the Job Summary tab, you can select result files to visualize plots and animations by selecting the parameters from the TOC. You can download the animation result to your local system and view it in HyperView Player.
  1. In the Jobs tab, click a job to view its summary.
    The Summary tab is displayed. By default, the contents of the job output file is displayed in the Text viewer.

    Summary Tab
    Figure 1. Summary Tab
  2. Select a result file from the File drop down list.
    The contents of the result file is displayed in the Text viewer and the Plot viewer is displayed.
  3. Click the Plot viewer.
    The plot TOC is displayed.
  4. Click Animation.
    The animation TOC is displayed.

    Animation TOC
    Figure 2. Animation TOC
  5. Optional: Deselect Use Result File and click to select other model file from a remote file browser location.
  6. Optional: Click Subcase and select the required load case.
    Note: Choosing the Subcase is optional. By default, the first entry in the Subcase list is considered for an animation.
  7. Optional: Click Simulation to select simulation query.

    Animation Simulation Query Menu
    Figure 3. Animation Simulation Query Menu
  8. Select the following in the Simulation Query:
    • Select Filter
    • Select Start, End, and Step values.
    • By default only 100 time steps are available for the view. Click Refresh link, to view the complete list of Time Steps.
    Note: Setting the Simulation Query is optional. By default, all the listed simulations in the Simulation Query is considered for an animation.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Select the required options for the Model and Result Type, the corresponding Component Contour is preselected.
  11. Optional: Click , to specify the compression ratio for the animation file.
  12. Click Animate.
    A message to download the HyperView Player is displayed.

    HyperView Player Download Link
    Figure 4. HyperView Player Download Link
    The animation results can be viewed from the HyperView Player application.
    Tip: The Back link takes you back to the TOC pop-up screen for the animation where you can modify the animation parameters.
  13. Click . The results are downloaded and displayed in the HyperView Player application.
  14. Optional: Click the hyperlink to download the HyperView Player software. The Altair HyperWorks web page is displayed with the HyperView player 2021.1 software to download.