Library Basics

Become familiar with the library structure in Activate.

Library Organization

The blocks in a library are organized into directories called palettes. Each library can have multiple palettes to expose different sets of blocks. The palettes are displayed as nested directories from the File > Palette Browser. When opened in the modeling window, the palettes are displayed as diagrams.

The standard system library of the software includes the Activate and Modelica palettes. These palettes hold a wide range of predefined blocks. Additional libraries are available in the Professional version of Activate including Spice, Hydraulics by Fluidon, Arduino and more.

Library Management

The software facilitates the creation, installation, and editing of block libraries through the Library Manager: File > Libraries > Manager. A set of APIs is also available for these operations.

Libraries are versioned for managing additions or modifications to the libraries.

The installation and removal of libraries and associated extensions is also managed through the File > Extension Manager.

Library Contents

Libraries contain an organized set of OML scripts, demos, utilities and help files:

Library Customization

A set of functions is available for customizing libraries. See the chapter on Libraries in the Extended Definitions for Advanced Users.

Library Licensing

Activate supports licensed third-party and external libraries. Licenses are implemented based on the Altair Licensing system.