Modelica Library

The standard Modelica library is organized with these functional palettes: User Guide, Electrical, Magnetic, Mechanics, Thermal and Sl Units.

You can expand the standard library by importing additional Modelica libraries.

Importing Modelica Libraries

Import Modelica blocks for use in Activate models.

Modelica libraries are available from sources such as With the option File > Libraries > Import Modelica Library, Activate can create an Activate library from a Modelica library. Activate imports the components of the Modelica library and exposes them in palettes as Activate blocks. Due to differences in the semantics of Modelica and Activate, the imported blocks should be tested, and edited if needed, before use.

Imported libraries must be compliant with the MSL 3.2.3. In addition, libraries must be valid Modelica packages, <package>.mo, and include the standard Modelica folder structure.

  1. Save a desired Modelica library to your local system.
  2. From the menu bar, select File > Libraries > Import Modelica Library.
    Alternatively, select File > Libraries > Manager, and select the option to Create a new library from a Modelica library.
  3. From the Library Creator dialog that appears, for Modelica library path, enter the path to the library that you want to import. For Activate library path, enter the path where you want to save the library, and click OK.
    The selected Modelica library is converted into an Activate library and saved to the specified directory. Once imported, the library is available in the Palette Browser and remains so for future sessions unless uninstalled.
    Important: Imported libraries include unique IDs that are included in the block definitions. When sharing a model, you must also share any imported libraries that the model references.