Design Sensitivity - Study

Perform a linear projection response study after plotting the design sensitivity curves.

Frequency range
Indicates the available range, based on your dsa.0.h3d file.
The type of response study.
Select the number of design variables to modify as a way to study the response, with an optional percentage to change.
Magnitude Linear Projection – Linear projection is based on scalar response magnitude sensitivity.
Vector Linear Projection – Linear projection is based on complex response sensitivity.
% DESVAR change
Optional field that allows you to select a percentage of the design variables to study their combined effect on the response. Design variables of positive sensitivities will be reduced by the specified percentage, while those of negative sensitivities will be increase by the specified percentage.
Select design variable
Select the design variable that you want to change in the response study.
  • Click to select the entire list of contributors.
  • Click to deselect your current selections.
  • Click exchange the currently selected contributors for the unselected contributors in the list.
  • Click to select the design variables of the highest sensitivity from the last Bar plot.
Display Options
Customize the response study plot, including scale, weighting, and the plot layout.
Display the response study plot once your selections are complete.

Figure 1. Response study plots