Order Analysis - Study

After plotting the order analysis curves, perform a Partial sum or Order overlay response study.

Study/Curves over
Select the type of study to display. Choose between RPM or Frequency.
RPM Range
Indicates the available range, based on your results file.
Use the From and To fields to customize the RPM range.
The type of response study.
Partial sum study - Select a number of orders to exclude from the order sum response, with an optional percentage to exclude.
Order overlay - Select specific order curves to overlay with the order sum response.
% to exclude
Optional field that allows you to exclude a percentage of the orders from the order sum response.
Select order to
Select the orders that you want to exclude or include in the response study.
  • Click to select the entire list of orders.
  • Click to deselect your current selections.
  • Click to exchange the currently selected orders for the unselected orders in the in the list.
  • Click to select the design variables of the highest sensitivity from the last Bar plot.
Show difference curve as
Shows the difference between the original curve and the partial sum curves.
To determine how the difference curve is displayed, select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:
  • % of Response
  • Select same as Response
Display Options
Launches the Display Options dialog, which allows you to further customize the plot.
Click Display to display the response study plot once your selections are complete.

Figure 1. Response study plot