Search Teamcenter-Simple Query

  1. Open the Explore dialog from the Import Geometry panel in HyperMesh.
  2. Click the Teamcenter repository, or add a new one, in the Explore dialog.
  3. Click Login.
  4. Select the Type of item to search for.
  5. Enter text to search on in the Query field and select which attribute to search from the By list.
    The items displayed in the Type field as well as the attributes in the By list are configurable and can be modified based on a particular Teamcenter installation or individual search needs. Default values are provided in the pdmsysconfig.xml file located on each HyperWorks client in the %USER_PROFILE%\.Altair\hwe\pdmconnector\config folder. Contact your Altair account manager for more details on configuration.
  6. Select the Latest only option to retrieve only the latest version of items found by the query.
  7. Click Simple query.
    Items matching the query criteria are returned.
  8. Select the desired item(s) or file(s) to review its properties. You can browse the item structure and view individual files associated to item revisions by expanding or collapsing items in the tree or by selecting Expand all from the context menu.
    You can also view additional properties of the selected item revision by selecting More Properties from the context menu.
  9. Select a temporary folder to retrieve the files in the Select output directory field.
    Selecting an item revision results in all files associated to the selected item revision and all files associated with the selected item's children being retrieved. You can retrieve only specific file types by choosing from the list in the Download file types field. Selecting individual files results in those files being retrieved.
  10. Click Open.
    CAD file(s) associated to the selected item, along with CAD file(s) associated to any related items are retrieved to the specified output directory and can now be imported into HyperMesh.