Report Template Structure

Report templates consist of statements similar to session and preference statements.

Report templates follow the same structure and syntax as session and preference files. The files are comprised of six statement blocks.
  • DefineReport()
  • DefinePage()
  • DefineCurve()
  • DefineGraphic()
  • DefinePlot()
  • DefineTextEditor()

Report statement blocks can appear in any order. Each block starts with a *Define statement, such as *DefinePage(), *DefineCurve, and *DefinePlot and ends with an *EndDefine statement.

Report blocks contain *Parameter() and *Page() statements. Page blocks contain references to plots, graphics, or text defined in *DefinePlot(), *DefineGraphic, and *DefineTextEditor() blocks, respectively. Plot blocks also contain curves which are defined in *DefineCurve() blocks.

Reports allow you to specify a parameter once and reuse it multiple times at any level within the *Define() block in which it is defined. Such parameters are entered in the *Define() statement using expressions. The *Parameter() statement allows you to specify a default parameter that can be used multiple times throughout a *Define() block.