2022.1 API Programmer's Guide

Panel Removal

The HyperMesh panels are being gradually phased out with the complete removal scheduled for the v2023 release. More than 400 individual panels and subpanels have been already removed in HyperWorks v2022.1. The functionalities with dual access point are now accessible solely through the ribbons. The list of deprecated panels and their new equivalent workflows can be found on the Tool Finder page.
Figure 1.

The panel API commands will be also deprecated and removed with the v2023 release. They remain supported until then. However, referencing a deprecated panel in these commands will result in a silent failure.

Existing scripts that are using the panel commands will have to be updated and the operations performed on the panels will have to be replaced by context APIs to work with the corresponding contexts.

Commands triggering a user selection or input panel have been redirected to invoke an appropriate widget and will remain supported:

Below is a list of commands that will be deprecated with the v2023 release.

The commands used to navigate to a specific panel or subpanel:
  • hm_callpanel
  • hm_callspecialpanel
  • hm_callviewpanel
  • hm_callvispanel
  • hm_pushpanel
  • hm_pushpanelitem
The commands used to query or modify a specific panel or subpanel:
  • hm_activateitem
  • hm_completemenuoperation
  • hm_disablecollector
  • hm_disableitem
  • hm_disablemenudrawing
  • hm_disablepopup
  • hm_dumppanel
  • hm_enableitem
  • hm_enablemenudrawing
  • hm_enablepopup
  • hm_exitpanel
  • hm_getcolnumber
  • hm_getcurrentmenu
  • hm_getinputentry
  • hm_getitemnumber
  • hm_getitemnumberbytag
  • hm_getitemowner
  • hm_getitemposition
  • hm_getitemtype
  • hm_getpanelarea
  • hm_getpanelitems
  • hm_getpanelposition
  • hm_getradiobutton
  • hm_gettwoitemtoggle
  • hm_initpanel
  • hm_listpanels
  • hm_panelnamevalid
  • hm_registerentitysubtypefilter
  • hm_renameitemonpopup
  • hm_renamepanelonpage
  • hm_resetcollectorfilter
  • hm_resetmenu
  • hm_setcardprevreviewproc
  • hm_setcollector
  • hm_setcollectorfilter
  • hm_setentitysubtype
  • hm_setinputentry
  • hm_setinterfacepanelproc
  • hm_setitemposition
  • hm_setitemvisible
  • hm_setlinemeshpanelproc
  • hm_setmainpanel
  • hm_setpage
  • hm_setpanelheight
  • hm_setpanelname
  • hm_setpanelonpage
  • hm_setpanelposition
  • hm_setpanelproc
  • hm_setpopup
  • hm_setradiobutton
  • hm_setrigidwallpanelproc
  • hm_setstaritem
  • hm_setsystempanelproc
  • hm_settwoitemtoggle
  • hm_togglemenu
  • hm_unregisterentitysubtypefilter

The panels and panel API commands continue to be supported in HyperWorks Desktop.

Properties to Comments

The PAM-CRASH keyword CDATA has been mapped from the property entity to the comment entity. Scripts that created or queried the property entity for this keyword must be updated to use the comment entity.

To create a CDATA keyword:
*createentity comments config=401
To set value to ‘numberoflines’ field on a CDATA card:
*setvalue comments id=1 STATUS=1 numberoflines=2
To query a field on a CDATA card:
hm_getvalue comments id=1 dataname=numberoflines

Properties to Materialbehaviors

The LS-DYNA *MAT_ADD keywords has been mapped from the property entity to the materialbehavior entity. See the materialbehaviors data names documentation for more details.

Scripts that created or queried the property entity for these keywords must be updated to use the materialbehavior entity.

To create a *MAT_ADD_EROSION keyword, create a materialbehavior entity with config 101:
*createentity materialbehaviors config=101
To set the value of the MXPRES field on a *MAT_ADD_EROSION card:
*setvalue materialbehaviors id=1 STATUS=1 MXPRES=11.5
To query the value of the MXPRES field on a *MAT_ADD_EROSION card:
hm_getvalue materialbehaviors id=1 dataname=MXPRES 

Properties to Sets

The Radioss keyword ADMESH_SET has been mapped from the property entity to the set entity. Scripts the created or queried the property entity for this keyword must be updated to use the set entity.

To create an ADMESH_SET keyword:
*createentity sets cardimage=ADMESH_SET
To set value to ‘INILEV’ field on an ADMESH_SET card:
*setvalue sets id=1 STATUS=1 8041=3
To query a field on an ADMESH_SET card:
hm_getvalue sets id=1 dataname=8041

New Commands

Modified Commands

The following commands have modified behavior that potentially require script updates:
  • Data Names
    • features - New definition and values of the invalid data name.
  • Feature Recognition
The following commands have new options or enhanced capabilities. Existing scripts are not affected and only need to be updated if usage of the new functionality is desired:
  • Composites
    • *compositeanalysis - Added new optional argument loadcase and added new supported entity type elements.
    • *vabs - Added new optional arguments exportvabs, filepath, and createelements.
  • Data Names
    • attachments - Added new data names holelongdiameter and holeshortdiameter.
    • beamsects - Added new data names dt_field, dt_dataset, and sketch.
      • elastic - Added new config value 4.
    • bodies - Added new data name bodyparts.
    • comments - Added new config value 401.
    • constraints - Added new data names ALPHA1, ALPHA1_FID, ALPHA2, ALPHA3, BETA1, BETA1_FID, BETA2, BETA3, DENS, GAMMA, iflag, INTP, LCDEXP, LCF, LCUPF, LCUPR, mainid, MODEL, MRN, MRS, mtype, NSID, numgrnodes, numnodes, numrbodies, optionalcard, PID1, PID2, PIDVB, R, RN, RN_FID, RS, RS_FID, secondarygrnodids, secondarynodeids, secondaryrbodyids, SROPT, STIFF, STIFF_FID, STIFF_MID, STIFF_Negative, STIFF2, STIFF3, STIFF4, stype, THICK, TITLE, UPFN, UPFS, UPRN, and UPRS.
    • designvars
      • shape - Added new data names bounds_gset and bounds_direction.
    • failures - Added new data names A_Ref, Beta1, Beta2, Biaxf, C_jcook, c1_orthbiquad, c2_orthbiquad, c3_orthbiquad, c4_orthbiquad, c5_orthbiquad, deps0, El_ref, Eta1, Eta2, fct_ID_rate, Inst_start_orthbiquad, Iside, Kres1, Kres2, le_max, Nangle, OUT_FLAG, Pflag, Pscale, rad_grbric_id, Rate_Scale, Shrf, Sig_0, strdef, Tau1, Tau2, and Tdel.
    • loads
      • constraints - Added new data names for LS-DYNA engineering loads dyna_death, dyna_deathd, dyna_final_geometry_coords, dyna_lcid, and dyna_lcidf.
      • forces - Added new data names for composite plate loads thermal_bottom and thermal_top.
      • pressures - Added new data names for OptiStruct engineering loads activation_time, contact_interface, entity_select_option, main_orient, main_set, os_g1, os_g2, pressure_threshold, secondary_ent_flag, secondary_orient, and secondary_set.
    • membersections - Added new data names autoweld and auto_detect_thin_solids.
    • opticontrols - Added new data names almtostr and almtostrtoggle.
    • plotcontrols - Added new data names custom_legend and legend.
    • points - Added new data name coordinates.
    • properties - Added new data names poleforpmlCoordinates, poleforpmlnodeid, and poleforpmltype.
    • rbe3 - Added new data names rwghtx, rwghty, rwghtz, twghty, and twghtz.
    • seatbelts - Added new unit_system value 2 and new data names seg_wrapcompcount, seg_wrapcomps, and update_adjbelt.
    • seasubsystems - Added new config value 1008 and new data names Sea_Acoustic_Spaces, Sea_Sif_Elements, and Space_FreeSurface_Area.
    • sections - Added new data name shell_benstif.
    • sets - Added new data name segment_display_state.
    • structuralproperties - Added new config value 84 and new data names se_aimingtype, se_armlength, se_contactdist, se_contactpoint, se_hangle, se_headcenter, se_moveback, se_normal, se_pivotpoint, se_positioningtype, se_regulation, se_srp, se_vangle, and se_zlevel.
  • General/Core
    • hm_getgeometrynodes - Added new optional argument query_type.
    • hm_getnodegeometry - Added new valid value fegeometry for optional argument geom_type.
    • *barrierpositioner - Added support for roof crush load case for LS-DYNA and Radioss. Added new arguments barrierpitchangle, barrierrollangle, and roof_entities. Added new config value 61.
    • *nodelistbypath2 - Added new argument search_factor.
    • *setoption/hm_getoption - Added new options beam_mesh_vis, g_ce_aspect_ratio_option, g_ce_aspect_ratio_value, g_ce_autocreate_attachments, g_ce_autocreate_parts, g_ce_bl_connection_angle, g_ce_consider_custom_metadata_mappingg_ce_consider_link_for_review, g_ce_considerboltcolinearity, g_ce_consider_custom_metadata_mapping, g_ce_custom_metadata_file_path, g_ce_elem_org_comp_id, g_ce_elem_org_option, g_ce_equia_skew_option, g_ce_equia_skew_value, g_ce_jacobian_option, g_ce_jacobian_value, g_ce_line_vertex_angle, g_ce_linked_connector, g_ce_linked_entity, g_ce_long_weld_length, g_ce_lt_connection_angle, g_ce_realization_connector, g_ce_realization_link, g_ce_se_auto_register, g_ce_se_cleanup_delete, g_ce_se_cleanup_unrealize, g_ce_shell_thickness_off_for_solids, g_ce_short_weld_length, g_ce_subsystem_org_option, g_ce_warpage_option, g_ce_warpage_value, last_simulation_current, and partbrowser_with_components.
  • Geometry
    • *beams_to_surfaces - Added new optional arguments 1dtosolid, referencepoint, x_breakangle, y_breakangle, smoothcurves, shellsectiondestination, and surfacecreationtype.
    • *linesplitatmultiplelines - Added new option cross_trim.
  • Meshing
    • *createelements1d - Added new optional arguments engineeringconfig and propcardimage.
    • *stiffenedpanelmesh - Added new optional arguments BeamEntTypeU, BeamEntTypeV, BeamSecPropIDU, BeamSecPropIDV, LateralName, LongitudinalName, OriginPoint, PanelName, ShellPropID, and XDirPoint.
    • *update1delements - Added new optional argument defaultmaterial, propcardimage and sectiontype.

Removed Commands

The following commands/options have been removed and are no longer available for use in scripts:

  • Data Names
    • plotcontrols - Removed data names tensor_color_by_mode and vector_color_by_mode.
  • Geometry