Returns edge that is represented by the coedge on corresponding face.


bool GeomCoedgeGetEdge(
const HM_EntityGeomCoedge& coedge,
HM_EntityGeomEdge& edge,
bool& edge_sense


HyperMesh Ext API Function


When one or more faces are connected at common edge then connection of the edge to each of the faces is represented by coedge entity associated with this face. Essentially, each coedge can be viewed as the curve in the space of face parameters. When coupled with geometry of the surface of the face this curve becomes also a curve in 3D. Within model precision, 3D curve generated by each coedge coincides with 3D curve representing geometry of common edge. The parameter edge_sense returned by the GeomCoedgeGetEdge function is true in the case when 3D curve of the coedge and 3D curve representing the geometry of the edge have the same direction.

If the function succeeds, the return value is true. If the function fails, the return value is false. To get extended value information, call HM_ExtAPI::GetLastErrorCode().

Requires including hm_extapi.h.


[in] - Handle to coedge object that was returned by previous calls to API functions.
[out] - The handle to the edge.
[out] - The flag that indicates edge direction with respect to coedge direction. The value of the flag is true if edge and coedge have the same direction. The value of the flag is false if directions of the edge and the coedge are opposite.