Returns the first deviating grid point in a mesh referenced by a mesh object.


bool MeshGetFirstDeviatingGrid(
const HM_EntityMesh& hmesh,
HM_EntityGrid & hgrid


HyperMesh Ext API Function


The function MeshGetFirstDeviatingGrid is used together with the function HM_ExtAPI::MeshGetNextDeviatingGrid() to iterate through all deviating grid points contained in the mesh referenced by the mesh object. The call to MeshGetFirstDeviatingGrid resets internal deviating grids counter of the mesh object to the first deviating grid point. The following calls to MeshGetNextDeviatingGrid increment the counter until all deviating grid points are iterated.

The criteria used to flag grid points of the mesh as "deviating" may vary for meshes obtained in different API function calls. In the HM_ExtAPI::GenerateMesh() function the tolerance set on input as a member of HM_Topology structure is used as a threshold value for deviating grid points.

The functions HM_ExtAPI::MeshGetFirstGrid() and HM_ExtAPI::MeshGetNextGrid() are used to iterate through all grid points of the mesh, including deviating grid points.

If the function succeeds, the return value is true. If the function fails, the return value is false. To get extended value information, call HM_ExtAPI::GetLastErrorCode().

Requires including hm_extapi.h.


[in] - Handle to mesh object that was returned by previous calls to API functions.
[out] - Handle to the first deviating grid point in the mesh referenced by mesh object. The value of the handle is zero in case the mesh does not have deviating grid points.