*BeginPage() Block

The *BeginPage() block includes all instructions for the page layout and window content.

This block contains sub *BeginWindow() blocks which define the contents of the window. Each window block has additional sub-blocks corresponding to the window content.

In a Model window block, the contents of a mechanical system model are defined. The model is defined between the *BeginModel() and *EndModel() statements. Alternatively, it can be defined in a separate model file and included using the *MdlFile() statement.

The Animation window block contains the filename for the graphical animation as well as additional instructions detailing light sources, part attributes, view orientation, tracking, and so on.

Like an animation block, the Plot window block contains instructions for displaying the plot such as curve information, legends, titles and notes. The source data for the plot can either reside directly in the session file or be included from a separate data file.

The TextView window block contains a filename or Templex template filename.