Identify one or more inlet surfaces and define the conditions.

  1. On the Fluids ribbon, select the Inlet tool.

  2. Select one or more surfaces as the inlets.
  3. In the microdialog, choose a method to define the inlet conditions.
    • Velocity: Define the velocity and direction of the fluid at the inlet surface.
    • Normal Velocity: Define the velocity of the fluid normal to the inlet surface.
    • Average Velocity: Define the average velocity of the fluid at the inlet surface. This method uses a lower velocity near the boundary and a higher velocity near the center of the inlet.
    • Volumetric Flow Rate: Define the volume of fluid that passes per unit of time.
    • Stagnation Pressure: Define the static pressure at a stagnation point in a fluid flow. At a stagnation point, the fluid velocity is 0. In an incompressible flow, the stagnation pressure equals the sum of the free-stream static pressure and the free-stream dynamic pressure.
  4. Define the fluid temperature at the inlet.