Use the Fit tool to automatically create a new PolyNURBS part on top of existing geometry.

  1. On the PolyNURBS ribbon, select the Fit tool.

  2. Select one or more parts to fit. Hold the Ctrl key or use box selection to select multiple parts. If you select more than one part, they will be combined into a single fit part.
  3. Optional: Select the icon on the guide bar to specify the Number of PolyNURBS Faces (default is 2500), Curvature (default is 50%), and whether to use Auto Creasing (default is No).
  4. Click Apply on the guide bar .
  5. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
  • While this tool is intended to be used on faceted STL geometry, you can fit over any geometry.
  • Reducing the Number of PolyNURBS Faces will increase the size of the PolyNURBS cages, but will capture less detail. In general, you want to use the fewest number of PolyNURBS faces that still captures the geometry.
  • Entering a higher percentage for the Curvature will capture more features.
  • For better results, prepare your geometry with the Shrinkwrap tool on the PolyMesh ribbon.