Record the Results

Capture to a video in .mp4 format by clicking the button on the animation toolbar.

Run a casting analysis. When complete, the animation toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the modeling window.
  1. If you haven't already done so, play back your casting results to get an idea of what you're about to record.
  2. Optional: If desired, click the icon to change the animation settings.
  3. Click the button on the animation toolbar to begin recording the motion results; the icon changes to red to indicate that it is recording. Click the icon again to stop recording.

  4. When the recording is finished, the video is automatically saved in the C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents\Altair\captures directory. It is automatically given a name constructed from the time stamp, i.e. recording2018.8.8_15.47.39.mp4.
  5. Right-click to exit review mode.
  • The default behavior is continuous recording, but the recording will stop automatically if the playback option is set to Once rather than Loop.
  • To hide the workflow help, select File > Preferences, and in the Workspace category clear the Show workflow help checkbox.
  • To avoid recording the mouse cursor, click the button on the animation toolbar and press the Tab key to move the focus to the button. Then press the Spacebar to start or stop the recording.
  • Note that the video recorder captures everything in the region of the modeling window. Avoid obscuring or minimizing that window during the recording process.