Creating a Monopole

Create a monopole antenna as a single line element with a local wire radius. Zoom to extents and hide the main axes to view the full-length monopole in the 3D view.

Create the monopole antenna. The length of the monopole is 12 m along the Z axis.

  1. Create a line.
    1. On the Construct tab, in the Create curve group, click the  Line icon.
    2. On the Create line dialog, enter the start point and end point for the line.
      • Start point: (0, 0, 0)
      • End point: (0, 0, 12)
      Note: Default values are used on geometry creation dialogs to allow a preview of the primitive in the 3D view. You may change the values as required.

  2. Click Create to create the line and close the dialog.

To view the full-length monopole in the 3D window, zoom the monopole to the window extent.

  1. Zoom to extents of the 3D view using one of the following workflows:
    • On the View tab, in the Zooming group, click the  Zoom to extents icon.
    • Press F5 to use the keyboard shortcut.

Disable the main axes to view the monopole without the Z axis obstructing it.

  1. On the 3D View context tab, on the Display options tab, in the Axes group, click the  Main axes icon.
  2. Click the Main axes icon again to enable the main axes display.

The monopole and transmission line are each assigned a different wire radius. Due to the differences in the wire radii, the monopole wire radius for this model can not be specified globally. Instead, specify a local wire radius for the monopole.

  1. Specify a local wire radius for the monopole.
    1. In the model tree, select Line1.
    2. In the details tree, expand Wires and select Wire1.
    3. On the right-click context menu, click Properties.

    4. On the Edge properties dialog, select the Local wire radius check box.

    5. In the Radius field, enter 0.015.
    6. Click OK to apply the properties and to close the dialog.