Adding a General Network (SPICE)

Define a general non-radiating network by importing a direct component-based network from a SPICE .cir file. In the network schematic view, interconnect the networks (cascading) and excite or load the network ports.

  • Feko supports only a subset of Berkeley SPICE3f5 syntax.
  • Only linear circuits are supported.
  1. On the Source/Load tab, in the Loads/networks group, click the  Network icon.

    Figure 1. The Add general network dialog.
  2. Under Data type, select SPICE network.
  3. Under SPICE port reference, select one of the following:
    • To use a SPICE file with an absolute port reference, select Absolute.
    • To use a SPICE file with a relative port reference, select Relative.
  4. In the Number of network terminals field, specify the number of network terminals.
    • The number of network terminals must correspond to the number of ports in the .cir file for an absolute port reference.
    • The number of network terminals must be half the number of ports in the .cir file for a relative port reference.
  5. In the Filename field, browse to the location of the .cir file.
  6. In the Circuit name field, specify the subcircuit network name in the .cir file.
    Note: Circuit name must correspond to the subcircuit name in the .cir file.
  7. In the Label field, add a unique label for the general network.
  8. Click the Create button to create the general network and to close the dialog.