Computing Distribution Engine

Computing Distribution Engine (CDE) is a software component, developed by Altair, enabling distributed computing. Concretely, it allows distributing Flux calculations launched from Flux.

Distributed computing

The distributed computing is one of the HPC (High Performance Computing) methods. It allows allocating computations simultaneously on several processors and potentially on several machines.

The machines used could be multiprocessor. It is also possible to distribute computations on a single multiprocessor machine.

Compared to the sequential computing, the distributed computing allows reducing the total duration of the computations when those could be executed simultaneously.

CDE components

CDE (Computing Distribution Engine) is composed by two programs:
  • A distribution server Computing Distribution Server: service which allows managing the computational resources and synchronizing Flux calculations executions on them (scheduler)
  • A distribution server manager Computing Distribution Manager: graphical interface that allows managing and configuring Computing Distribution Server.

Computing Distribution Manager is composed by three tabs:
  • Distribution platform management that allows supervising the state of the platform
  • Jobs management that allows supervising the state of the jobs (finished, running, pending,…)

  • Console that allows displaying information or error messages

An information wizard is available on the right and allows displaying information and help messages after an action has been done on the platform. The goal of the wizard is to inform the user about possible problems as well as to suggest solutions.