Technical requirements

Operating system

The operating system on the client machine, the master node and the cluster nodes should be Windows 64 bits.

Hardware recommendations

The performance of the distributed computing relies a lot on the hardware configuration. The best computation time reduction is achieved by using physical processors without hyper threading.

Below is a recommended hardware configuration:
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz (4 physical CPUs), ~3.4 GHz or more (e.g. Intel Core i7-4790)
Disk SSD: ex. Samsung 850 Pro
Graphic card Without importance

Memory needed to solve a model x the number of processors used

(ex. 2 GiB to solve a 2D model x 4 processors = 8 GiB of RAM;

16 GiB to solve a 3D model x 4 processors = 64 GiB of RAM)

Operating system Windows 64 bits only

Memory constraint management

CDE manages automatically the memory constraint. It means that CDE will launch a process only if there is enough available memory on the node.

Operation instructions

The good operation of the distributed computing is strongly dependent on the application of the operation instructions. That is why it is strongly recommended to respect the requirements below in order to get the best benefit from CDE.
  • A Windows 64 bits cluster composed of "n" homogeneous machines (same hardware and software configuration). For performance issues, it is recommended that all the machines of the cluster are on the same physical high-speed subnet (typically the same GigaBit Ethernet switch)
  • A network shared drive uniformly accessible from all the cluster nodes, as well as from the client machines (reading and writing rights). It is recommended that the shared drive is on one of the cluster nodes
  • A fast network (at least GigaBit Ethernet) linking all the machines used (the cluster nodes AND the clients)

Recommendations related to the firewalls

We recommend turning off firewalls between the machines part of the distribution platform or at least opening the ports of the different applications:
  • Computing Soft Server Service (port by default: 1099)
  • Computing Distribution Server Service (ports by default: 30101 and 30111-30120)
  • Computing Distribution Manager (must have access to the distribution server ports from the machine on which it runs)