Flux-Simulink co-simulation: About


Flux has been offering a new coupling with Matlab Simulink, compatible with Flux2D and with Flux3D. This coupling is available for all the transient applications.


The procedure for coupling Flux and Matlab Simulink is as follows:

Stage Software Description
1 Flux

Preparation of the Flux project:

  • standard description: geometry, mesh and physics
  • specific description: creation of input and output parameters necessary to the coupling
2 Flux Generation of component of the Flux – Matlab Simulink coupling
3 Supervisor Flux Opening of Matlab – Simulink starting from Flux supervisor
4 Matlab Opening of Simulink
5 Simulink

Preparation of Simulink (*mdl) model:

  • adding and definition of Flux – Simulink coupling library
  • adding, definition and connection of other necessary libraries around the coupling block
6 Simulink Configuration of the simulation parameters
7 Simulink Launching of the simulation
8 Flux / Simulink Post processing of results