Kinematic coupling


The Skew slots module comprises the possibilities of the kinematic coupling.

Reminder: strategy 2D / strategy 3D

By reason of the specific characteristics of the 2D (Flux 2D) and 3D (Flux 3D) solvers, the description of the mechanical set is carried out in a different manner for the 2D applications and the 3D applications.

For a 2D application solved by the 2D solver: the rotating air-gap is described by means of a mechanical set of the compressible type.

For the 2D and 3D applications solved by the 3D solver: there is no rotating air-gap, but there is a sliding surface.


The Skew slots module utilizes the 3D (Flux 3D) solver. The strategy to be adopted for the description of the mechanical assemblies is therefore that of 3D.

In practice:

  • creation of two mechanical assemblies: a fixed one and a mobile one
  • NO mechanical assemblies of the compressible type; that is NO rotating air-gap