Specificities of the module


The Skew slots module comprises the various standard magnetic applications of Flux (Magneto Static, Transient Magnetic, Steady state AC Magnetic).

From a practical point of view, the user will be able to select one of the three following applications:

  • Rotating machine (helicoidal model) in Magneto Static
  • Induction rotating machine (helicoidal model) in Steady state AC Magnetic
  • Rotating machine (helicoidal model) in Transient Magnetic

Specific data and characteristics

The specific data and characteristics (defined by the user) necessary for solving up of an application are as follows:

  • Choice of the mechanical assembly which presents the Skew slots (fixed mechanical set or mobile mechanical set)
  • Geometrical characteristics of the skew
  • Choice of the number of layers

From the software viewpoint, these data are entered during the definition of the application.

Geometric characteristics

The skew is applied on one or the other of the following mechanical set: mobile or fixed.

The skew slots on the rotor or stator parts is defined by means of the following characteristics:

  • elevation: distance OO'
  • rotation angle: angle QO'Q'

Compatibility with other Flux / Altair modules and third-party softwares

This table summarizes all the compatibilities between Flux Skew and other Flux or Altair modules as well as third-party software:
Table 1. Coupling compatibilities available in Flux Skew
Couplings compatibilities
Flux - Flux Co-Simulation CDE Flux e-Machine Toolbox Compose driving Activate co-simulation Hyperstudy Matlab driving Simulink co-simulation Excel driving
Flux Skew ** Only available for Transient Magnetic application