The Computation of volume Laplace forces on Flux mesh is a computation which allows computing Laplace forces on Flux mesh.

Use case

The computation is available in all Flux magnetic applications.

The computation can be used for all devices with Laplace forces action :

  • Electric motor
  • Transformer
  • Etc.

Computing method

The computing method is already used in Flux outside the mechanical context: it is the formula available in the calculator (post processing): dFlapv=J^B

Computing support

The computing method is applied on Flux entities:

  • Faces / surface regions / 2D grid in 2D
  • Volumes / volume regions / 3D grid in Skew and 3D

Support and computation creation workflow

The workflow to create the support and the computation of volume Laplace forces is similar to the workflow for the computation of surface forces on Flux mesh. Please refer to the parts: Step 1 : Creation of the support, and Step 2 : Computation and export of the forces.

Forces export

The available exports for the Laplace forces computation are:

  • Export force for HyperMesh
  • Export into a data file (.DAT)

Please refer to the part Step 3: Forces export