Configure Fatigue Analysis Using a Weld Method

Use the Weld tool to calculate fatigue based on a spot or seam weld analysis.

At the moment, .odb and .rst files are not supported for seam and spot weld analysis.
  1. Click the arrow next to the fatigue module icon and select the Weld tool from the list of options.

    Figure 1.
    The Weld dialog opens.
  2. Select SPOT or SEAM as the weld type.
  3. Select the FE model units.
  4. Select a mean stress correction option.
  5. Based on the scatter of the SN curve, enter a real value between 0 and 1 for the certainty of survival.
  6. Select Yes or No for thickness correction.
  7. Enter a value for No of Angles on Sheet.
    Note: This option is only available for spot weld analysis.