Add a Section Cut

  1. From the View Controls toolbar, click .
  2. From the Section Cut panel, click Add.
    A section cut name is added to the Section Cuts list.
  3. Use the Define plane drop-down menu to define the plane of the section to view.
    Once a plane is defined, the slider bar can be used to examine your model by controlling the position of the section cut. The Increment by setting allows you to precisely control the section cut movement based on model units. A plane is defined by using one of the following methods:
    Option Description
    X Axis, Y Axis, Z Axis Cuts the model along the designated axis. The base node is optional if you want to specify a certain location to cut the model.
    Vectors Defines the vector which is the normal to the section cut plane.
    N1, N2, N3 Defines the normal direction of the cutting plane when nodes are picked on the model for N1, N2, and N3 using the mouse.
    Normal to screen Specify a plane normal to the screen by picking a base node on the model.
    Base Allows you to check the current position of the section cut. Double-click on Base to enter a Base Node ID or enter user-defined x, y, and z coordinates.
    Base/Normal X, Y, Z Coordinates (Base) specifies the x, y, and z coordinates of the base point of the section cut plane. (Normal) specifies the direction cosines of the normal of the section cut plane.
  4. Under Deform mode, choose how you want the section cut to be applied to the model.
    When a section cut is added, it is by default a planar cut. It can be changed to a deformable cut by selecting the Deformable option.
    Option Description
    Planar The section cut plane remains planar. HyperLife displays a section cut of the model when the model passes through the plane.
    Deformable Allows the section cut to be deformed, along with the components, during animation. When this option is selected, a time step is added in the Time column next to the section cut label.
    Note: For each deformable section cut added to the list, the time step at which the plane remains planar is displayed as a reference under the Time heading.
  5. Click Apply to create the section cut.
  6. Optional: Use the graphical manipulator to modify the definition of the section cut.
    Note: Section cuts defined by a specific plane can only be adjusted by moving the base point along the normal. Other sections can be translated or rotated anywhere in 3D space.
Tip: To add a spherical section cut, right-click in the Results Browser and select Create > Section Cut > Spherical from the context menu. Use the Entity Editor to define properties for the spherical cut.