Auto Contact Browser

The Auto Contact Browser contains options for viewing and modifying the contact pairs identified in the auto contact process.

Naming Convention
During creation, a name is assigned to each interface and surface identified.
Contact Pair example: CP:(comp name)_(comp_name)

Tie example: TIE:(comp name)_(comp_name)

S:(comp name)

If more than one surface is selected, the naming convention uses S:(comp name):<index>

The Auto Contact browser contains the following columns:
Table 1.
Column Description
Name Lists the name of the interfaces, surfaces and surface interactions that were assigned.

Underneath the interface name are the temporary surfaces included in that interface. Red indicates a secondary surface, and blue indicates a main surface.

Accept When the Accept box is checked, the Interface will be included in the creation process.
Type Type of contact pair created.
Color Color assigned to the interaction and surfaces.
Surface Interaction Opens the Auto Contact online help.
The Auto Contact browser contains the following icons:
Table 2.
Icon Description
Options Opens the Options dialog. Enter a new feature angle or customize the transparency for a selected entity. Click OK when finished.
Highlight Elements Highlights the elements stored in selected entities in the graphics window. You can use the Control and Shift key to select multiple items in the table.
Review Elements Review of elements stored in the selected entities. Elements are highlighted by color, all other components are grayed out. You can use the Control and Shift key to select multiple items in the table.

Review and Highlight are mutually exclusive. It is also possible to switch both options off. This is helpful when working with big models.

Fit View to Elements Automatically zooms in to the elements stored in the currently selected items.
Display All Elements In combination with the Highlight Elements or the Review Elements option, current contents remain unchanged on the screen.
Display Components with Elements Highlights or reviews the elements referred by an interaction or surfaces and shows the components they belong to. All other components will be masked.
Display Only Elements Only elements are highlighted or reviewed. The rest of the component and other components will be masked.
Select Elements Manually Opens the element selection panel so that individual elements can be added/removed manually. Click proceed when finished.
Add by Adjacent Adds the elements adjacent to the surface to the selected surface.

Right-click to undo one time.

Add by Face Adds the adjacent face to the selected surface.

Right-click to undo one time.

Recheck Opens the Auto Contact dialog to recheck the select interfaces. Recheck will either add more contacts to the existing contacts for modify the existing ones.

You can select interfaces from the browser, and the GUI will automatically populate the components that the interaction was based on. This helps modify an existing interface.