Note: From the Options panel, you must select Enable Unit Scaling to use this tool.
Solver Result
From the drop-down menu, select Radioss or LS-DYNA.
Vehicle Direction
Select X or Y for the direction that you want to cut the section.
Clip Threshold Value
Enter a clip threshold value. The maximum value is 72.
SAE Filter
To apply an SAE filter, activate the Use SAE filter option and select one of the following SAE filters:
  • SAE 60
  • SAE 180
  • SAE 600
  • SAE 1000
  • SAE general
  • SAE mirror
IP Deck Directory
Use the file browser to select the result file.
Target Point CSV
Select a .csv file that contains target point data.
A data point table is displayed in the browser tab.

Figure 1.
You can click on a column heading to sort the data. After the results are plotted, you can also click on a point from the Target Location column and it will go to that plot.
Select Append, Overlay or Replace.
Use Overlay to select a new point and overlay it onto an existing plot.
Use Replace to replace the currently plotted data with new results.
Load Defaults
Loads previously-saved entry options.
Save Defaults
Saves the current entry options as the default.
Click Generate to plot your results based on your selections. The following dialogs are displayed:

Figure 2.
From the Acceleration vs. Time dialog, select the plot data for the acceleration plot.

Figure 3.
For both dialogs, once you make your selections, click Proceed to generate the plots.
Generate Report
Upon plotting your results, click Generate Report to output your result data to a PowerPoint PPT file, which contains your project details, results table, and plot images.
Click Close to close the browser tab.