IIHS Intrusion Templates

The Vehicle Safety Tools preference file contains templates to plot IIHS front intrusion and IIHS side structure intrusion plots for Radioss and LS-DYNA files.

Upon loading the preference file, the Safety Tools menu bar option is displayed. From the IIHS Intrusion submenu, you can select Front > Front(40%), Front > (Front(25%) or Side.

Figure 1.
IIHS Front Intrusion (40% and 25%) plots these file types:
  • Radioss - TH
  • Radioss - A0
  • LS-DYNA - Nodout
  • LS-DYNA - binout
  • LS-DYNA - d3plot
  • H3D
  • Saved intrusion data
IIHS Side Impact Intrusion plots these file types:
  • Radioss A0 files
  • LS-DYNA d3plot files
  • HyperView H3D files