User Failure Models

In Radioss up to 3 user’s failure models (USER1, USER2, and USER3) can be defined for shell and solid elements.

User’s failure model for beam and truss are not yet available.

To define a user’s failure model, two or three subroutines for each failure model has to be provided. One subroutine must be linked with Radioss Starter and two subroutines (one for shell, and one for solid) linked with Radioss Engine.
  • The Starter subroutine is called lecr04, lecr05, and lecr06 and is used to read the failure data model and to initialize failure material parameters
  • The Engine subroutine for solids is called f04law, f05law, and f06 law and is used to compute failure criteria at an integration point. The corresponding shell subroutine is called f04lawc, f05lawc, and f06lawc
注: All communication between Radioss and the subroutines takes place within the argument list.