Manage Design Variables

All variables in the Variable Manager are added as Design Variables, except if they are linked to other variables in the Design Explorer.

  1. On the Design Explorer ribbon, select the Design Variables tool.

    You are now in the Design Variables step of the Design Explorer workflow.

  2. You can do the following:
    To Do this Note
    Activate/deactivate a variable In the Active column, click the corresponding field to turn on/off the variable.  
    Edit the name and properties of a variable Select the field you wish to edit and enter the new information:
    • Name
    • Value: For more options, click .
      • Nominal Value: Default value of the variable; also serves as the initial value in an Optimization exploration.
      • Lower Bound: Lower limit of the variable range to be studied. Same as Min.
      • Upper Bound (Max): Upper limit of the variable range to be studied. Same as Max.
    You can Set Rangebetween the minimum and maximum values based on a Percent or Value difference above and below the nominal value for a Continuous Variable or edit the valid values for a Discrete Variable.To modify the options for these modes, click .
    Preview variables Drag the Preview slider left and right to visualize changes.