Altair® Panopticon


[9] Data Templates

After the user with a Designer role successfully retrieves the data table using the Panopticon connectors and can publish it as a data template that:

q  can be used by other users with granted permissions to create workbooks

q  allows the changes in the data template to be appended to existing workbooks

For more information on how to save and publish a data table template, refer to Publishing a Data Table Template section in the Altair Panopticon Web Authoring Guide.

Starting with version 21.2, data tables are stored inside the repository and synced between servers in a cluster.


On the Data Templates page, Administrators can:

q  View the list of published data table templates

 Search, sort, upload, rename, move, copy, download, or remove data table templates

 View the data template usage

 Update the referring workbook using the data template